Rawngtu Chin (Chin, Rawngtu)
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1. Bible awl lë nah a hüm nam püng
1. The standard of good translation
2. A hrë kha nak
2. Accuracy
1. Awl shät awm lë ?
1. 1. Are there any added thoughts or concepts? awl shät awm lë ?
2. Awl vät awm lë?
2. Are there any thoughts or concepts missing?
3. Bible kawk eh arök na hüm ennah töng lë ?
3. Does it express what the original text of the Bible intended to say?
4. A rë awl lung nam htum lë?
4. Are the key words/ main words present and translated accurately?
3. A phrö nak
3. Clear
1. Htamal lung nam prawrt ku le?
1. Are the words or meanings confusing?
2. A dung eh nah a mawng phröi le?
2. Are the sentences and grammatical arrangement confusing?
4. A rui alam nam
4. Natural
1. Can old, youth, and children read and understand the translation?
2. A yüm hlan nam püng nak ya ming hëi pale?
2. Can unbelievers read and understand the translation easily?
3. A töng püng awl lung nam thum ku tlai tlai lë?
3. Is word use consistent throughout the translation?