Cho Rah
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1. Lu Lang gua Khai
1. Must be clear
1. Na lat be ah caciim cu hmu hmat lu lang nak va sang lang gue kha nei.
1. The translation must be easily understood and be clear.
1. Na Lat bei ah ca giicu lu lang i ma?
1. Is the translation clear?
2. Am hlu kyi ah gii lam pua ki ma?
2. Are there unnecessary things involved here?
2. A gii-tung hei
2. The main factors
1. A giitung ti cu a duk ah pua ki hei ah khgong hei, a gii lam hei Kga Kgi.
1. The main factors means the people and the events are in the paragraph.
1. A K' tung ah caciim ung Kua a gii Lam pua kima?
1. Are the main factors from the original text involved?
2. Ca gir sang ah a K'tung ah ng'tuten cu i mgii yang?
2. What are the main events in the paragraph?
3. Ng'hmci hmat ng'hlue va
3. Easily understood
1. A ng' um na ua hmaf vaah ca ng' Lung hei cu shum mang vaa hlu Kyi.
1. Need to choose the words to be used in translation that are easily understandable to everyone.
1. A shiim mang ah ca ng' lung hei cu Khganghei na hmu hmat m' Khgit khai hei ma?
1. Are the words or is the sentence used understandable?
2. Khuat Kam ti ma?
2. Is it easy to understand?
4. Ca Gii Lam paa gna Kla
4. Must be grammatically correct
1. A m' gu lah, bi lo Kiah Khgang, a gii lam cu ng' awp cap gua Kha.
1. The time, actor, and the events must be in agreement with one another.
1. Amomg Lam cu itu Kga tang?
1. When was the event?
2. Ah nu mua ng' Laki ge ma?
2. Is the present and the past in agreement?
5. A ng' gii ng' gong nak dang gua Kha
5. The original meaning must be prominent
1. A pgan hlu, ang' gii gong nak cu ng' dang gua Kha.
1. The original meaning must be noticeably prominent.
1. Ii pgan hlu tang ma?
1. Does the translation say what it wants to say or speak?
2. Ii a ng' gii gong nak hlu yang?
2. Does the translation say what it is meant to say?
6. A pgeit ah ng'htu beiphget gua Kha
6. Expert in self-spoken language
1. Ng pgeit ah ng' bei cu iik lce han let na pgein thei Kgua Kha.
1. Expert can use his/her language directly or indirectly in an effective way.
1. Na pgeit ah ng' bei a K'cang ah na pgein thei ma?
1. Can an expert in writing and speaking understand?
2. Na gii gong nak thei ma?
2. Is direct and indirectly language used in an effective way?
7. M' sak msei thei Kgua Kha
7. Must be meaningful and effective
1. Na ng' lat be ca cu Khgang hei ah m'lung cu m'shuk m'sei thei Kgua Kha.
1. Your translation must be inspiring and impressive.
1. Na pgeit ah ng' bei a k'cang ah na pgein thei ma?
1. Is your translation effective?
2. Ng' Khgei ti ma?
2. Is your translation different from the original context or meaning?
8. Ng' tui ng' sua, ng'bei cu phget gua Kha
8. Expert in language
1. A k'tung ah a bii ah ca ciim eu pgein lyuk nak ung ba ki ah phget gua kha
1. The expert must be able to understand and write in the language of the Bible used for translating
1. A k'tung ah a ba ah ca cum ah
1. Can the translators understand the original text?
2. Pgein/guk m' khgit tima?
2. Can the translator speak and write the original language?
9. A um na ua gang nak-ah ca cu shum mangyua Kha
9. To be based on common language that is acceptable to the people
1. A um na ua gang nak ah ng' bei, ca cu nua shum mang va.
1. Must use the language that is acceptable to the common people.
1. Ca cu na pakhui shung ah ng' bei pi om tima?
1. Does if reflect the language used iin the ethnic group?
2. Ng' bei pi om mat ti ma?
2. Does it use the language common within the ethnic group?
10. M' gong phgim a gum. Kgak Lo cu a k' cang Kga gua Kha
10. Historically correct
1. A tung ah ca gii shung ah omti ah mo gong phgim heim a mi kgu, Kua lua cu ng' Lak tam thei gua Kha nei.
1. The events, factors, and periods of time happens in the original Bible need to be correct.
1. A tumg ah ca gii shung ah om ti mgi ah kga Ki ma?
1. Are the events in the source Bible correct in agreement with the translation?
2. A m' Kga, Kua lua ng khget ti ma?
2. Are the dates, time, and years used in the source Bible the same as the translation?