Mün Chin (Chin, Müün)
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1. A Khingkhengnak
1. Accurate
1. Khingkheng khai ah k’khe vai
1. To read the Bible accurately
1. Caccim phung na k’khe law ung khingkheng naw?
1. Do you read the original Bible accurately?
2. Khingkheng ciah canglung
2. To put accurate words
1. Khingkheng ciah canglung na htungmang naw?
1. Do you put or choose the right words?
3. Cakgu, hmun, akhin, a u naw, I ah kyasei, a I hawkcha
3. To know the author, place, date, time
1. U naw gu ne, a hawi ah a I khin ung a I a kyak na k’shing naw?
1. Do you really understand who wrote this and when and where does it happen?
4. A I kyasei, a I hawkchya, a u naw, a I cu a kyak ci gui hmat vai
4. When, where, who, who, why, how, what
5. Ca phung ung kä lawng vai, kä k’pai vai
5. Avoid omission and addition the original text
1. Caciim a nii law pi vai ah lomkhap ne bawh, amshah k’pai ne bawh ka phlan vai maa?
1. Can I explain what the Bible say more clearly when I do translation?
6. Version a phung akni ghü vai
6. Choose the best version source
1. Caciim version avan akni pi maa?
1. Are all the Bible versions are reliable?
2. Akyomhtangnak
2. Beautiful
1. Ayäi ca ah k’shing hmat thei vai
1. Easy to understand
1. Akshoushüi ng’ngaih-tüh cang vai hlü khai maa?
1. Is the sentence very short or long to understand easily?
2. Khe khai ah lu ng’ngha ung gawk sä
2. Make it contextualize
1. Khe ki naw ng’ghit ah k’shing khai yaw?
1. Will the readers understand in their context?
3. Chang k’da naw a htungmang ah canglung ah kya naw?
3. Choose the right words and common usages in mother tongue
1. Pigaw tumat bäng naw ma a htungmang?
1. Do I choose the right words in common in my mother tongue?
4. Khanpughi ah lamshümnak gah vai ah ghinnak pe ne ng’apnak hlü ki
4. To dedicate to God in order to get God’s anointing blessing
1. Khanpughi awn na ghinnak na ap pyi naw
1. Do I already dedicate to God?
3. A ng’Khai Nak
3. Clear
1. Ca-gui a ng’khai vai, hlü ki
1. To be clear in sentences
1. Ca-gui ng’khai naw?
1. Can they be cleared in sentences?
2. Khe law khai gui naw ca-gui ah ng’düin gui ami hmat vai hlü ki
2. b. The people should understand the sentence structure
1. Ca-gui gui ah ng’düin nak gui cu khe cigui naw hmat khai gui aw?
1. Can people understand the sentence structure?
4. A Suilam ah ng’khai nak
4. Meaning Clear
1. A suilam la amawngma k’tawi gui
1. To understand meaning and facts
1. A suilam ah mawngma k’tawi gui ng’khai naw?
1. Can people understand meaning and facts?
5. Hnulam m’gawgphyim hmat vai hlü ki
5. Historical background
1. A hnulam a phung m’gawngphyim hmat vai
1. To know it’s background
1. phlan ah Caciim ah mawng phyim na hmat naw?
1. Do you know its background?