Thaiphum Chin (Chin, Thaiphum)
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1. Kamceng han
1. Clarity
1. Akong Kamceng calah pnue han
1. To know the reason clearly
1. Na touk e hah kamceng lah na pnue maw
1. Do you understand the meaning as you are reading
2. Alawkpuinaw
2. The key words
1. Deingainae a kongnaw a lawkpui lah hruek han, pahma mahoeh
1. Not to miss key words
1. A lawkoui lah ka awn e lawklungnaw pâhma e a o maw?
1. Are there any missing words?
2. Theology alawk lung naw akuep maw?
2. Are there any missing theological terms?
3. Alawk lung thum han e angai e a o maw?
3. Do you want to add any words
3. Thai ayawi han
3. Easy to understand
1. Thai ayawi han
1. Easy to understand
1. Touk nak thai ayawi maw?
1. Is it easy to read?
2. Na touk nah thai aru maw?
2. Is it difiiicult to read?
3. Na thai hoeh e lawklung ao maw?
3. Do you have any confusing words or sentences?
4. Gramme a Kâdawk han
4. Grammatically accurate
1. Ka awm tangcoung, k'awm han rah e maw ti e hoi ka tawk kung ti e a kamceng han.
1. Tense, sentence must be used gramatically
1. Atûeng kapeknae ahman maw?
1. Is the tense correctly translated?
2. Lawkrui a kâdawk maw?
2. Is the senetence appropriate?
5. Deingainae a kamnue han
5. The reasoning is clear
1. Banggnaw a deingai ti e a kamceng calah kamnue sak han
1. The purpose must appear in the translation
1. Apini, apikoe. Apihan elah, bangmaw adei ti e a kamceng han?
1. Can you know who is the author and who are the listeners?
2. Adeingainae a kamnue maw?
2. Do you get the intention by reading?
3. Adeingnae hah aphen e ao maw?
3. Does the purpose and the intention remain?
6. Noe e phik a deng maw
6. Concise
1. Ca ka thut ni noe e hah phen mahoeh
1. Must be the definite intention of the author
1. Ca ka thut kung ni a noe e ptetlah a takhi ou?
1. Does it touch the things that the Bible says?
7. Ase hno lawk hno han
7. Common words
1. Ase hoi kanging e lawklung hno han
1. Translation must based on common usage of the local people
1. Na touk e lawlung hah tami kapap ni a hno e maw?
1. Do may people speak the words that are written?
2. Lawk hno e dawk miphun louknaw e lawklung a hno maw?
2. Is there any other dialect language to consider?
8. Lawklung ahman maw
8. Word consistency
1. Lawlung hoi kânging lah thut hane
1. The words and spelling must be correct and consistent
1. Lawklung hoi kâng lah thut hane. Lawk dei e ptetlah thut maw?
1. Do spoken words and writing words carry the same meaning?
2. Benkep kawi a benkep maw?
2. Is the usage of phrase correct
3. Rahak k"awn kawi a kapek maw?
3. Do any words need to combine into one word?
9. Lumla
9. Literary genre and poetry
1. Lumla teh lumla ptetlah thut hane hah a dei ngai nah
1. Literary genre is the same with historical books. Need to consider poetry.
1. Na touk nah la ptetlah na pouk ou?
1. Do you feel this as literary genre and poem by reading?
2. Alouk e cangkhainae ptetlah maw na pouk?
2. Is this writing like other historical books?
10. Lairui ahman han
10. Historical accuracy
1. Ahmuen, tami atûeng, ase kamceng calah kâpa sak hane
1. It means it will maintain the correct place, people, time
1. Na Touk navah a lathueng lahe naw a kuep maw?
1. Is it complete to the above mention? (Place, people time)
2. A lairui a rui a kâkuet ou?
2. Is it related to historical events?