Northern Qiang (Qiang, Northern)
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1. Criteria; standard
1. Dhe guo bu geai ngu wa?
1. Is the key words consistent?
2. Errdhus sda beami?
2. Is the definition correct?
2. Sharpness
1. Dhegv bea ngua, beasd ngua?
1. Is the pronunciation accurate and clear?
2. Gver mush beax xji?
2. Is the structure clear?
3. Gvei quea mu ngu nya, ze gvam mu sa?
3. Is it a clear recording, free from noise and interference?
3. Natural fluency
1. Uh hsunyi gvei xe?
1. Does it sound sweet?
2. Dhe gvei Ihu lhw lhu ngu molhw lhu?
2. Is the speed appropriate?
3. Sde rra wu gvei tea kvuad ngu mi?
3. Is it emotional? Is the tone appropriate?
4. Accuracy
1. Ssed, seeb, rrme bea ngua?
1. Is the time, place, and name accurate?
2. Dev vsa pu mi??
2. Is it easy to understand?
5. Reference
1. Gvei tea cu qi ngua?
1. Do you use homonyms?
2. Kvuad ngu wa ma ngu?
2. Is reference appropriate?
6. Understanding; comprehension
1. Gobu wa izi ya ngu wa?
1. Do you understand the original meaning?
2. Dhebea degv tea dev vsa ssea?
2. Is it easy to understand?
7. Devotion; Loyalty
1. Hji mi zzeab, sdeba?
1. Is it sincere and loyal?
2. Zzaegv wea wa mua ngu?
2. Is it with a responsible heart?
3. Hsev vlhu vvaj ddaz zu ngua?
3. Is there a touch of the Holy Spirit?
4. Su vvaj ddaz zu ngua?
4. Is it touched in your life?