Kaang Chin (Chin, Kaang)
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1. Akhuu khai yei
1. Clear
1. Camai a khai yei
1. The word must be accurate and sure
1. Ca mai khai yaw?
1. Is the word accurate?
2. Ca toen a coepakei
2. Phrases must be a unit and organized
1. Coe pak khen yaw?
1. Are the phrases well organized?
3. A bue a chrukei
3. Must reach the authors intended meaning
1. A toek hlue chruk aw?
1. Does it communicate the authors intended meaning effectively?
2. Calung ui chrued toe
2. Check for the key words
1. Sudawng oe
1. Check
1. Ha tuu su dong ei?
1. Which words should be checked?
2. A lung ui yei a toek hlue
2. Search and observe for the meaning
1. A toek hlue ha tu?
1. What does it mean?
3. Ca toeng khui ei awm puengei amawng
3. Search for the key word in each sentence
1. Which are the key words?
3. Yaakhai yei
3. Easy to understand
1. Camai yakhai yei
1. Words must be understood
1. Ca mai khai yaw?
1. Do you understand the meaning of the word?
2. A toek hlue yakhai yei
2. Meaning, intention must be understood
1. A toek hlue khai yaw?
1. Do you understand the meaning?
3. Ca toengei amawng yakhai yei
3. The full sentence must be understood
1. Ca toeng a phroei na yak khai yaw?
1. Do you understand the meaning of the sentences (or) is it appropriate?
4. A toek hlue a dangei
4. The meaning must be clear
1. Ruh puengei ming
1. The name of the author, background about him
1. Caa ruk pueng ha u num?
1. Who is the author?
2. A ruknak ei hmun
2. The place of writing
1. A haw poeh ta ah ruk?
1. Where does the writing occur?
3. Cabu a ruknakei hni chra
3. Date and time of the book
1. A haw ti ah?
1. When does it occur?
4. A phueih hei yei chrang tu
4. The intended audience
1. Ha u tu num a phueih hei?
1. Whom does he address?
5. Tueipuei thu hmatkhai ei
5. Fluency of mother tongue
1. Thu reum hmatnak
1. Must know the meaning of the word
1. Thu reum hmat aw?
1. Do you know the meaning of the word?
2. A thum a cam hmatnak
2. Must know the culture and custom
1. A thum a caem hmat aw?
1. Do you know the situation of the custom and culture?
3. A tawi, a sau
3. Punctuation is correct
1. A tawi a sau hmat aw?
1. Do you know where to put the right punctuation?
6. A bue a chrukei
6. Getting to the point
1. A tawn a ngen lah oeh khe ei
1. Getting to the point
1. Ha tu la num?
1. Does it get to the point?
2. Dawnah ngaih tueh ei
2. You have to know the conjunctions and continuation
1. Ha tu la num donk aw?
1. Why should we use conjunctions?
3. Calung thuuk awn rukei
3. It must be correct word
1. Ha tu ei sue lah calung thuuk awn ruk aw?
1. Doe it use correct words?
7. Mueih yawk phroei dangei
7. Sounds and reads naturally
1. Ca toeng buen tu a thuem ei
1. The sentence construction must be correct
1. Ca toen buen tu thuem aw?
1. Is the sentence construction correct?
2. Ngaai upuengei hna ah a kruum ei
2. There must be attraction for the listeners
1. Ngai upuengei hnaa ah kruem aw?
1. Does it sound attractive to the listener?
3. Khe ruk ah a phroei dangei
3. There must be natural while reading
1. Khe ruk ah phroei dang aw?
1. Does it sound natural while reading?
8. Vaanei a yumei calung hmangei
8. Must be common literature
1. Khe thei yei calung
1. The word must be read ably by the community
1. A doem ei yum aw?
1. Can everyone read your translation?
2. Laang puengei calung
2. Words must be clear
1. A khe la moe khe thei boeih u aw?
1. Is it easy to teach?
3. A daa ei khe thei yei calung
3. The word must be understandable
1. Pung khaw lawng hra ein cung hmang aw?
1. Do people want to use this?
9. Camai dawntu am khueb ei
9. Correct spelling
1. Camai dawnchrawi ning
1. You must know the correct spelling (Phrase)
1. Ca mai kuem aw?
1. Are the word spelled correctly?
2. Camai hmat ei
2. You must know the word (Vowel, consonant)
1. Ha tu a ming nak?
1. Do you know the words used?
3. Camai ming hmat ei ( awi thaai)
3. You must know the exact word (sound)
1. A awi hung aw?
1. Do you know the sound of each word?
10. A khui ciim sawnbang a duengei
10. Historical background correction
1. Khaw kum khai yei
1. Date and the situation
1. Oeh shi chra pueng num?
1. Do you know the accurate date and situation?
2. Chrang sawn khai yei
2. The people of that age
1. Son kuem aw?
1. Which people group were mainly involved?
3. Hnichra boei yei
3. The situation of that age
1. Khaai hlang aw?
1. What age (period) was at that time?
11. Tairue maa yei
11. Work prayerfully
1. Tairue ei ngaih kue
1. Prayer is the key of the Holy Spirit moving
1. Ha tu la tairue nak a ngaih?
1. Why should we pray?
2. Tairuenak ein avan noeng kue
2. Everything is possible by prayer
1. Ha tu num a noenh kaw?
1. What does prayer make happen?
3. Tairue hning pueng a bi bi phroei kue
3. Prayer will make smooth in your work
1. Ha tu mueih ei bi num ah phroeu kaw?
1. What should we do to have success in our work?
12. Pathen ei a thu ti kha thuem loet ei
12. God's Word always must be remembered,