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1. Oral Language - Mp3 file of Authentic Assessment included in Citrix Sharefile
1. We can tell that our translations are faithful because:
1. We faithfully follow the source text, even we follow our natural way of speaking, the meaning still remain. And we follow the steps of translation.
2. Our translations are clear because:
1. Our community will be able to understand this and all Butuanon will be able to hear our recorded translation. With this, those who never attended school or not able to read can understand because it was translated to Butuanon language and it is translated as clearly as possible.
3. It is based on History because:
1. We are confident that this will be understood easily since this is the word of the Lord. We gave much attention to follow the history in the source text. We never changed it, especially those important words such as names, places, and terms in the source text.
4. It is equal because:
1. We emphasized the right emotion from the source text. We are excited to listen to it because it is alive and fun to hear.
5. We can say that it is accurate because:
1. We never deleted, never changed, and never added to the meaning in the source text. So that it can be understood by our tribe.
6. We can say that it has authority because:
1. This translation of ours will surely talk to our fellow tribes because this is the word of the Lord. We are very proud that we're selected as one of the translators of this Bible. Also, we believed that many on our people in our tribes will know and believe the Lord. Above all, the word of the Lord will trully speak to each of them.